Trail Section Teams and Leaders

Volunteers clear brush, debris and signed our trails . These volunteers work in teams with a team leader. The Trail Section Leaders (TSLs) are the individuals that organize these teams. TSLs are Ambassadors to our Landowners and they help the Landowner Director keep records as current as possible. They work closely with the Trail Cordinator Director to keep the trails open and signed properly. New tools, such as new documentation, are being developed to enable these TSLs in completing their tasks easier.

Trail Section Leaders

Bob Livingston (Central North)
Bank to Cooperhill

Mike Radbourne & Dwight Saunders   (South East)

George Darouze (North West)

Howie Marshall (North East)

Jamie lalonde & Ken Smart (Central East -Metcalfe, Kenmore)

Jason Willis (South West)

Ed VanHerpt (Central South -North of Vernon)

Wayne Swales (Central West Metcalfe to Rideau River)

If you are interested in working on a specific part of the trail contact a TSL for that section as shown above.
Or contact our Trail Coordinator by clicking here.


TSLs Tools

Download Documents

Trail Information Sheet

Trail Sign/post Inventory Sheet

Trail Worksheet

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