We Need You!

Our volunteers do not get any type of finacial gain for volunteering their time. No free trail pass, no payment of any sort, our volunteers are very generous. We are always willing to speak with anyone about our club but we will not respond to rudeness!

Our club is powered by volunteers. Whether you volunteer for a few hours one day a year or on the executive.  It's up to you how much time you are willing to commit to. You can volunteer to work on trails installing signs, operating a groomer (once qualified), helping out at the clubhouse kitchen, Trail Patrol, one day events or become part of our executive.

We encourage new volunteers to enhance our club with innovative and new ideas and to continue the legacy of being the best club in Ontario, Canada and North America.

Please don't sit back and think that the same people will continue to volunteer at the level that put our club at the top. We all have a "shelf life" and need to have a change or a rest or retire and enjoy the fruits of other volunteers labour. It really is rewarding, in many ways, to volunteer with this great club.

Now is the time, that's why you're reading this. Click on Kelly's email or phone and let us know how you would like to help.

Thanks a bunch in advance and we look forward to volunteering with you!

When you have completed volunteer hours, please make sure Kelly gets all your hours and full address, so you can also have a chance at winning prices from the OFSC.

Volunteers In Action Co-ordinator

Dale Murphy

C: 613-826-1720
Email: Click here

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